sensitive and angry

help me solve: sensitive and angry,
these 2 things makes me failed all,

I have very super sensitive hearing,
I have little patience and high angry,

when i heard a cough then i would be offended,
injured my heart offended then I would be angry,

in addition to cough, spit, words, other noises can hurt,
when i offended angry then i can make not good things,

That's two things which until now has not solve yet,
temporary i use earphone hear song to overcome it,

every moment hear song earphone not hear other noises,
earphone make me able hold 2 and 3 months in rent room,

do not wear earphones will offended to hear another noises,
sometimes by sound of coughing and loud close the door etc.

this sensitive and angry make me can not live together,
i think shall go live alone in forest or mountain or others,

sensitive and angry cause me could not go to church,
because all churches many people coughs offend me,

my GOD please help me solve this sensitive and angry,
so i am not sensitive and not angry anymore, my GOD,

as long as these 2 things not solve then i hopeless,
i only hope to die to heaven to solve these 2 things,

whether heaven people cough? if cough then worse,
where to go to have no cough? to hell is more worse,

these two things are very special gifts from GOD for me,
not know what purpose of GOD to me with these 2 things,

really tragic destiny with 2 this sensitive and angry,
if God not want to change then no one can change,

accept destiny, live in destiny, good or bad,
if i can choose then i select the good only,

why my destiny to live with the sensitive and angry?
what purpose God created me with these 2 things?