destiny rich and destiny poor

live in world very justice for rich,
live in world very not justice for poor,

some live in rich condition,
some live in poor condition,

rich almost have everything,
poor almost have nothing,

rich have some big houses,
poor have a small house,
poorest have no house,

rich eat many foods,
poor eat little food,
poorest eat less food,

rich have many dresses,
poor have little dress,
poorest have no dress,

rich go by sit on cars,
poor go by walk on foot,

rich have high educate,
poor have low educate,

but intellect not come from money,
intellect smart clever from destiny,

rich not come from work hard,
rich and poor is from destiny,

the destiny of rich,
the destiny of poor,

rich will dead,
poor will dead,
dead is justice,

the destiny of live,
the destiny of dead,

destiny created by GOD,
GOD created all destiny,